Sunday, November 2, 2008

For this posted I have decided to share my latest life enjoyment. This enjoyment are because of the fact that I work as a photographer (In the Star Publication). In the mist of the crazy MCA election last month, I thought I will surely had to covered that stupid event. However luck was really on my side. (wont be long because I will surely have to covered another stupid election "UMNO" next year, I guess that is where my bad luck start) I was pull out to the team, instead given an assignment to go to PD (Port Dickson) to covered an opening of AVI SPA resort. No one can imagine my excitement, (not for the PD assignment but for not having to covered MCA) I was really lucky right? Ok back to AVI SPA.

I am not going to write any introduction on the SPA because I am sure lots of people will know about it. Because its owned by very rich people, who can effort to advertised about it. Here I am just going to write about my thought on the place. Although if you ask me if I would spend money for a place like this, I might have second thought because I see this as rich men leisure. I am not rich just lucky that I got the opportunity to enjoy it because it is part of my work. If you are rich, you can tried the place out. If you are not than just admire my picture.

The beauty of AVI Spa purely lie with the architecture of the building. The building itself beautified a place like Port Dickson. All should know that PD have no beauty in term of an image of a beach. This is probably the last place I would go, I prefer to fly to places like Krabi because for one the water is not contaminant. (I would like to share some funny story with you. While I was there. Apart from local media there was lots of foreign media invited for the launch. After the launch, there was a beach party with non stop supply of alcohol. Late into the night, where I was getting tipsy. I headed back to the room, being a gentleman, one of the guy from the foreign press walk me back to my room. He told me his night had not yet ended because he would be going for a night deep in the sea. I told him to have fun, but deep down I was praying for him. With the status of water in PD god know what type of skin disease he will contract.)

When I first saw these place, it was like something you see out of travel magazine introducing a foreign country. All credit should go to the owner and architect for creating such beauty in Malaysia. This part of the architect is the whole beauty of the building. It give the feel of floating in the middle of the ocean. The only bad thing here is the weather, it is so hot that is where point are deducted in term of the enjoyment.

Beauty lie in the most simplest form.

I can sit here for hours looking out to no where. This is like a scene for a beautiful romantic movie.

Here is like a lounge area where you can relax before or after having your SPA. The true is I really have no idea what is this part of the space for. The design is like the house in the Korean drama Full House. It had that beach house feel to it. This is like a dream house of mine.

I am not going to write about the Spa treatment. To me SPA itself is an enjoyment, it does not matter where I have it done. I m not going to act rich and said which Spa is better and which is not. To me the best kind of message is the one I had it done in Chiang Mia. Here the advantage is after the treatment you can go out to the balcony, sit and enjoy at least 15minute where it will feel like the time had stop. I truly belief that only when time stop can one be relieve of all headache and problem. that is the closes place where one get to feel like time had stop.

To end here. I would like to said that if I can slap the people in our tourism department, I would do it. Although I had said in the beginning that I would not go to a place like this on my own money, that is because I m Malaysian. However I do belief that this is the type of places that our stupid tourism department should promote to the foreigner, purely because this is the type of place that will beautified our country. Stop living in stone age by promoting only KLCC and Citawarna Malaysia. For god sake everyone on this earth know our beautiful culture and costume, there is no need for this type of street parade anymore on. Let the world see that there is such beauty in Malaysia itself. Being a Malaysia even I would not have believe that there was such beautiful place here in Malaysia if I had not see it with my own eye.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My lucky life...................

This is a teaser to what I am about to post next. I wanted to write this post first because I like to remind myself I do have a great life. Most of the time I do forget, what to do I am only being a human being with greed implanted inside of me. Whenever I meet up with my friend, They will constantly remind me what great life I have yet most of the time I will tell them that I have my own problem and they will never understand. Maybe I am the one who don't understand. If there is a time where I sit down to think about my life for a short second, I do realise that my life is as good as it get provided I don't live in greedy world. I being to place, eat food, meet people, that for some they might never ever imagine they will go, eat or meet.

Basically what I want to said here is that if there is a next lifetime I would choose to live my life the way it is now. Being a Photographer, this is the greatest gift I have found , hope I will be one for the rest of my life.