Sunday, September 14, 2008


In this post I will talk about somewhere which every person living in KL can go. If friend ask me what other passion I have apart from Photography and traveling it would be eating, or it should be said looking out for unique restaurant or cafe. After going to Thailand and Taiwan one of the many complaint I have of KL is the lack of unique restaurant and cafe we have here. We do have a lot of restaurant and cafe here with go food but not a lot with creative aspect to it. So when I come across this cafe I was like wow wow wow................

This restaurant is called Full House located at 牛车水 NiuZeXui (NZX), Ara Damansara, This place is like an open courtyard shopping center, that is the best way to described it. This place is quite new, it had a number of food outlet but still a lot of empty shoplots. The biggest problem with this place NZX is the location, if you are not familiar with Ara Damansara, looking for this place is like looking for needle in an ocean. However my purpose is not to introduce this place but the cafe itself, I just hope the cafe would still be around after I posted this.

According to the owner these is a Korean concept cafe. There is 2 level bottom is a cafe and upper level is boutique. At the bottom level apart from being a cafe. They also sell lots of gift item from Korea. I don't know why the owner said this is a Korean concept cafe because to me the whole design of the cafe is like a English doll house with beautiful chandelier light.

Great detail effort have been put into the design of the cafe.

They sell a lot of little gift item and women clothing, The owner said the item are from Korean so you can imagine the price is not cheap.

Now come to the important stuff the food. All I can said is that the food look great but not of the best of taste. Don't come here expecting the best of food. Come with the mind of enjoying a nice cup of tea in this great environment. They have a variety serving for Malaysia and western taste bug. I order nasi lemak, nothing to ho ha about it is just nasi lemak. Thought the food is not the best (still good), the way they presented it, from the menu to the display of the desert is up to par with their design of the cafe.

The menu is like a story book. This is something new and cute to read through.

Like I said this is a place where you go for afternoon tea. The desert is pretty good. It look great huh.