Friday, August 26, 2011

Taichung - SUN MOON LAKE 日月潭

The other hotel we look at was either to far or too pink (room design) so we decided to book back the hotel we stay in the last time....潭暉民宿 . As usual the aunty was a bit blur but it was OK because she up graded our room in the end, it was really nice. If you are adventure enough don't worry about pre booking a room in 日月潭 because if you go there you can bargain the price.

We decided to ride on the cable car which was not build the first time we were there. This is a great way to view the beautiful scenery of the lake and it take you to directly to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village but we didn't visit because our parent was a bit tire to walk.

We than went on the boat ride around the lake and even though this is the second time me and Teng went, I still love it especially since the weather was beautiful and the wind blowing in our face was so refreshing.

It wouldn't be me and Teng if we did not do something crazy.....First picture, we are acting out the famous Chinese verse written on the stone, second picture is me and my lucky coin.

If we have to do crazy thing so does our mother....Here we are posing in a goddess praying position just like the the stone status.

I have no idea what this boat are for but I would have love to rent one of this to go around the lake. Teng say it might be for fishing.

A delicious wild boar sausage.

There is lots of these flower bed laying on the lake...

Stones with beautiful poem engrave on it.

That night was our lucky night because there was a culture show in the next town and they even provided us with shutter bus to take us there and back. We were entertain the night with aboriginal culture show and follow by firework to end the night we sat down for roast pork and chicken with rice wine.....

Again I end this post with our beautiful portrait shots..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Taichung - Sinshe Mushroom Meal

Taichung - Shinshe is famous for producing Mushroom, so we know it was must try. The taxi driver recommend this steamboat restaurant. It was delicious...

Taichung - Flower Expo

Apart from Lavender Cottage there is other attraction around the surrounding to stop by like Mushroom Farm, Strawberry Farm and lots more. For us we hire a taxi who offer to drive us around, make sure you bargain with them the price and the number of places they will stop for you to visit. We were really lucky because when we were there, an flower expo was taking place so the taxi recommend we check it out, we were not disappointed....

Beautiful flower with beautiful lady.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Taichung - Lavender Cottage 薰衣草森林

Lavender Cottage 薰衣草森林 - You might not find this in any tour book or recommend by any tour agent but if you google the place you get a thousand hit. Yoke Teng somehow stumble on it in a Taiwan tourism brochure, the minute she say the word 薰衣草森林 (Lavender forest) it sounded beautiful. We started googling about it, we found story on how The Lavender Cottage started as a dream of 2 Taiwanese city girls who wanted to have a romantic hideaway, the business had now expanded to other part of Taiwan. Here is the website you can get more info on Lavender Cottage 薰衣草森林. They also have facebook, they are really helpful in traveling detail. A note of interest is that Lavender Cottage 薰衣草森林 is located up in the mountain but there are other attraction to visit. If you take the shutter bus they provide, you can choose to get down at different location or you can hire a taxi and bargain the price.

Mailbox containing your wishes.....Me and Teng made our choice.

Walk around in the garden, there is lots of gadget to play around with.

The house with everything you need know about Lavender.

When we were there it was not full bloom season for Lavender, the lady in the picture look more like the lavender herself ha ha. but we can still see some....beautiful.

After all the walking we sat down for a Lavender ice cream each yum yum.