Wednesday, May 23, 2012

韩国之旅Soul Searching - Thing I saw....

To me the Seoul Korea is a perfect holiday for doing nothing and think of nothing....I think this is the best place for all girlfriends to go on holiday to....This will be the last post on Korea....Until the next trip....

My friend Jane saw this scene and I love how the sunset light hit onto the window of the houses.

Only when on holiday I can feel that a normal street can have so much beauty to it

The wall is like art...Love the fact that art work are display along the wall

The longest escalator I had seen

Artistic display are everywhere in Seoul..

Faces of Seoul

Faces of me

Walk Walk Walk..

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

韩国之旅Soul Searching - Eat Here Eat There

It seem my Korea trip is all about food...well food and shopping...Below are place we went that I forgot to take down the address but they are common food in Korea so I am sure you find it at every corner....

This is our very first meal in Seoul...After midnight...

After a long day of shopping we just found this shop and stop to eat..I think they are famous for their Pork Bone Potato Soup...and it's delicious

The photo on top is a dish called Pork Wrap (I think). It is really a simple dish but with the bean paste and the whole combination it is really good. The bottom photo is dumpling and it is huge with lots of filling..Be careful of ordering this two together as you end up with a lot of meats....

This is one restaurant I regret most for not getting more info. The only thing I can tell you is that it's located at Gangnam Coex shopping center at the food court area....we chose the restaurant because it seem to be famous for Bibimbap. The side dish are also quite unique different from the norm kimchi...

As most of you would know side dish is a must and most if not all is the two dish above..

This had to be my favorite if I were to live in Korea I would have this almost everyday I think...A lot of eatery actually have this as take away

Water are free in all restaurant (I think, at least the one that I being to). One thing to note is that they are very hygienic with the cup...The cups are place in something like a fridge with water dispenser next to it...Don't just simply take any cup...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Coco Steamboat - Taman Bukit Hijau, Cheras

Wow I totally forgot about this topic and I already been back to eat about 5 time. Till this day it is the best steamboat I had eaten....This is not your convention steamboat only go if you are a meat lover.....because this is all about pork pork pork and some other steamboat norm item....(just don't expect lot of variety). the best about this is the soup base...don't be fool by the milky colour it is not milk but some secret herb...anyway the best for me.

The soup is boil with big pork bone so you can imagine the sweetness of it

Pork Pork Pork

This is their special handmade pork ball....Eat with caution because the center is fill with hot soup, whoever is sitting next to you will be in danger of having soup spit at.
Their fried chickens is also a must have...

No. 37 Ground Floor,
Jalan 1/119,
Taman Bukit Hijau (within Taynton View),
Cheras 56100,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9130 1940 / 019-338 2222 (Jasly Wong)
Business Hours: Opens daily from 6:00pm - 11:00pm (alternate Monday off)
Pork Free: No

Saturday, May 19, 2012

韩国之旅Soul Searching - 8 color marinated pork 八色五花肉烤肉

I can declare to the world that I am a no 1 pork lover among all my when I saw a blog about a restaurant serving 8 different type of marinated pork (八色五花肉烤肉) , I told my friend pls make my dream come true by going to try it out and they did.....Let me tell you there was no regret....Best of the best.

One standard set is W34,000 (RM 100), it come with a pot of soup and buffet style of refill vege. You can order individual dish if you think you can't finish.....but let me tell you that the 3 of us finished the whole set

This place is quite a famous place that have being grace by many celebrities.

They are very thoughtful, you can put your bag and clothes into the bucket style seats so that your stuff will not be infuse with BBQ smell.

This is quite force on by me to take pig style photo (sorry Teng and Jane) 

韩国之旅Soul Searching - Kang Ho dong BBQ 姜虎东烤肉店

I love this entertainer Kang Ho dong 姜虎东. I saw some really good review about his restaurant in Seoul but had no intention to make it a must to go....however we just happen to saw it...I do reccomend to people because of the portion which was served and of cuase the taste is heaven.

The poster and the menu had a cartoon version of Kang Ho dong 姜虎东. It really matched up to his comical image.... 

I also love the whole setting of the restaurant, it had a simple but country feel atmosphere just perfect for oriental style BBQ

We only order two portion pork and it was way enough for the 3 of us

This was the side dish more like a sauce to deep the meat into...It is really unique and go real well with the BBQ

Ending note: I think there is two outlet, here is the address (sorry this address is given by other blog, do double check on the accuracy) 

這是新村店的走法,3 號出口上來直走,約 5 分鐘,到第一個超大十字路口右轉後一直走,經過 2 個巷口,到第 3 個巷子右轉,第 2 間便是姜虎東烤肉,先補張照片給大家看,若擔心找不到,可以帶著照片去問囉。(this one open 24hrs)

(姜虎東 678 烤肉店) 
9 號出口上來,左轉,第一個路口右轉,直走,經過觀光公社的十字路口後,繼續走,>進入停車場街,再經過右手邊的想像庭園 & 秀 KTV,再走,再經過有個 by the way 的路口過馬路,再走就會到了, 姜虎東 678 烤肉就會在妳的左手邊,若怕找不到,請回頭看文章中第 2 張照片,那是店外觀,把外觀印下來或拍下來,帶著去,隨便問,那邊的人應該都會知道的