Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MALAYSIA OWN HAVEN...............

Before I found this place I would not had belief that such place existed in Malaysia. Sorry for not having much fate in Malaysia beauty. I still stand by what I had always believed that is Malaysia tourism are handle by a bunch of idiot. That is why I don't believe that such place existed. Some of you might even heard of this place because Star Publication had write about it. Serendah is a small and I mean small much unknown or should I said uninterested by most Malaysian including me (or it is just me). However in this place there lie a beautiful, quite, near to heaven retreat. I really have no idea what is the name of the place but here is the website. http://www.serendah.com/home.html. Believe the actual place is 90% close to what is shown in the website. Leave the 10% to your imagination. The whole place is an enclose area with 5 living area to rent. 2 glass house, 2 mud house and one wooden house. My advice only rent the glass house because the place can house up to 6 person even more if you don't mind sleeping on the flood. The place is great to have a few friend gather together with food, unlimited alcohol that you can waste the night away.

' The entrance to heaven" Before arriving at the retreat the journey will take you through a small old town, an orange asli settlement and lots of rocking road that you feel that it goes no where. In the end you arrived to big surprise.

The glass house makes you feel like that you are living inside a forest. Its not really a glass glass house, more like a open concept house. you can enjoy it if you had being living in brick wall for most of your life. One thing does irritate the hell out of me is the noise of insect and river water running down the stream. It sounded peaceful and great most of the time except when you are trying to go to bed.

The little hole is actually the entrance to the living room, so another advice would be if you were to bring children along make sure you keep close eye on them.

The living room is connected to the barbecue spot. you can sit in or out. This is the best enjoyment for being away from the buzzing noise of traffic and actually enjoy a meal with friend. Most of the time when you go out and have meal with friend, you will be surrounded by people. Here you can actually sit together and hear each other voice loud and clear.

The greatest perk here is the pool. Here again, the best advice from me is to rent this place on weekday. That you have more chance of booking the place all by yourself and you can enjoy the place more. The water is as clear as it get, not sure where the water come from but we thought that it might come from mountain. Sia actually taste it and said that there was no chlorine put in it (pls don't fully take my word for this). When I told my friend who was going later that it was mountain water, he actually drink it and thank god he did not die. He said there was chlorine in it

I don't know how death I would be for posting this picture but I cant really resisted it. I was wondering how I would caption the second picture, the best I could come up with is Sia trying to do Yoga and Yoke Teng is trying to think of way to imitate but fail.

Lastly the sleeping place. Not so important because that would be the last thing you do in place like this. It will be waste to sleep. They provided mosquito net for the sleeping area but let me tell you that there is no such need. To my very surprise knowledge there was no mosquito. We were really well prepared for this ( Yoke Teng and I make sure of all the thing we must bring repellent). I don't know why there was no mosquito but I do have another theory, when we first reach there Yoke Teng being afraid of getting mosquito bite, she spray a whole can on her body maybe she had become our repellent.

We have excellent cook there namely Sia(person in yellow shirt), we didn't used the barbecue instead we made our own grill seafood and steamboat. Most of cooking utensil are available there but in case you might want to bring a knife because the knife they have there are useless.

Going to this place you will be leaving behind what one is used to in their everyday life, traffic, noise (except the one coming from the insect) and electronic item which is to me the biggest disturbance of our life (phone ringing non stop). The best thing to do is to drink the night away. Just another word of advice. When I said drink the night away it is an enjoyment but if you get drunk its a nightmare but still a great memory.

SORRY SORRY SORRY..............

I know what a slacker I'm when it come to updating my blog which is why it took me like a life time to start a blog. Lucky I have constants nagging from a particular friend to remind me to update. My next update would not be on Taiwan because I don't have certain info like the hotel we stay in. The rest of my stay in Taiwan was organised by my other friend. So until i get to info, I will blog about other stuff. Later I will come back to blog about the rest of my trip to Taiwan.

Taiwan was the reason why I started to blog, I being thinking how should or what should I write about after Taiwan. To write just on travel would be hard as I m not rich enough to travel so often. To write about food I m no critic, I only know how to eat. In the end I decide I would just write about what come to mind and interesting that I encounter. Don't expect too much, right now the most interesting that is happening is I finally found the beauty of shopping online. Let just said I have gotten a bit crazy with my friend YIP YOKE TENG.