Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Wine, The Beer, The Coffee and The Food in Singapore

The title say it all......It was great....I didn't go all out and take every shot of foods I put into myself but I have to admit that Singapore's hawker it getting up to par if not better then Malaysia....


Mango flavour - First thing to rave about is the fruit tarts at Manpuku - Tampines 1 where Jane live. One word say it all delicious. This come highly recommended by Jane.

After a crazy night of dancing, the next day the thing we needed most was coffee and after all the standard one (coffee bean, Starbucks blah blah blah) we found one cute small Vietnamese coffee shop call Bagette-the viet inspired deli (with Internet).

Cold cup of Vietnamese coffee with a Chinese novel by 匪我思存

Teng order the hot coffee

This is her saying no to using Iphone...She is the master now

The picture of me with the book is right but reading it is pure acting...but thank to Teng I look good.

Another cafe we went to was after going to the Penarakan Museum. The name was Soho7 just a few door from the shop which was selling the cameras I love. In the two coffee shop we went to one thing it was a must was free wireless...

Simple but unique display

Teng with her Iphone again.....We just can't live without it.

My Ice Latte..

Thank to Henley Hor (Teng cousin) it was a night of wine, chicken wing and duck pizza.

This is restaurant Hogs Breath Cafe at Chijmes....We wanted to have salad end up with this..

This is Baumkuchen a type of layer cake by famous Juchheim....An expensive cake but taste so so lah. For the history of it try once ok lah.

Last but not least my trip end with Crazy Elephant at Clarky Quay-Singapore...

This is Joon Yan master pieace after having a drinking...Teng and Jane say it look like couple hugging...

My eye on Singapore

Singapore is always the last place I would choose to go on holiday....because the exchanges rate is just crazy. Well I guess with all this inspire shit that is going around Star it made me want to run to the nearest place I can find....So I took my camera go with Teng and here is what I see in Singapore

Teng say she find that the tree in Singapore is beautiful.......Don't ask me why hope she can explain this clearly in her blog.

Architectures is beautiful in Singapore everywhere you walk there is a sense of history and when the light is turn on at night the busy boring town is transformed

Shopping seem to be a big thing I was there during Singapore great sale but I only brought a bag and shoe :(:(:( all because of our stupid money

When I saw Teng in the reflection I thought it was such great model pose so stylish but she had to come and tell me later she was scratching her back.

One of my favorite thing about this trip is finding a shop near the peranakan museum that sell all sort of cameras. I was too excited I forgot to get the name of the shop. Also Teng promise me when she become a rich tai tai, she will get one as a birthday present for me.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poor and Old

It's scary to grow old and penniless.........in this time and age...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hualian 花蓮........

It's driving me crazy how I should start blogging my trip to Taiwan last year (I know is last year) I had taken over 1000..... of photos. After much brain working, I decided to start off with my favourite place of the whole trip Hualian (花蓮).....This is my second time to 花蓮, the first time was enjoyable but not as great as this time around....The thing I found to love most about 花蓮 is don't expect to much and just walk the street and feel the existence of the serene neighbourhoods and the people around of cause there is the foods.

This is our first holiday portrait included is the cute cute 三間仔, he is the dog belonging to home stay 柚子家.