Thursday, January 22, 2015

Beijing - Soloist, The Perfect Cafe

This is the third and my most favorite cafe on this trip. I took so many photos at this cafe that I decided it need a post on it owned... Some of the photos are taken in black and white it give a more feel to it...

Beijing - Cafe The Secret Hide Out

The best place to hide out from the overcrowded street in Beijing is finding those little cafe hiding in some alley or behind the wall in Hutong ...

Here are some of the shortlisted cafe made by Xin Yi on her discovery of Beijing...

1) I don't know the name of this cafe... but we call it No to everything because they have a tag line 'If don't like it pls feel free to leave'  

Love the carpet of Beatles famous photo on the wall

Such quite peaceful way to spend the afternoon
Inside the chic modern cafe looking out into old Beijing 
First perfect taste of latte we have in China 

2) This is the second cafe we visited, it is call Meishu 美树. This is like the best kept secret in Beijing and I hope no one ever find out.... because in here it seem like it is a million mile away from all the noise and overcrowding street in Beijing.

Fitting for the name the cafe is fill with different pot of  plants 

Spending a perfect afternoon in this serene environment  

Another perfect view 

Fitting for the name the cafe is fill with different pot of  plants 

Fitting for the name the cafe is fill with different pot of  plants 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

China - Beijing Staying in Traditional

Thank to Xin Yi I finally get to stay in a Hutong... There is a lot of drama with our second accommodation so I only have photo of our first accommodation.... A modernised twist to the old Hutong

China - The Different sight of Beijing

I wanted a different countdown for 2014 and here I got a winter countdown with two great friends....Thank to Xin Yi I got to see a total different side of Beijing. This was like a trip discovery of all the secret that lie within this old city. It is so amazing to walk in small alley just to discover a new chic cafe....

Thank to where Xin Yi live I get to see this view of  the modernising China

It was getting so cold that the water were slowly freezing up into ice

The is the beauty I luv about Beijing, the old China 

The perfect sweetie pie 

China - First Overnight Train ride

For my first overnight train ride I decided to give to China, of all places. I don't think I was in my correct mind. Me and Teng decide to take the chance. There was definitely a huge load of fear building inside me as the day got closes. I fear sharing with stranger worst a men, fear of fighting through the million of people, fear of the dirty toilet. but!!!!!!

A very confusing information board 

It is like a market place.

A VIP waiting area... Not bad

Still a old style station 

A very modern train, deep inside I was hoping for steam run train

Totally backpack style 

4 bed room...

My roommate for the night 

This is why I wanted to take the overnight train 

Another Sunrise in the photo bucket.