Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Langkawi....... Suppose Paradise

I was in Langkawi recently because my youngest sis was working there. The place is a heaven for alcohol lover, I am one of them. If those idiot in the tourism department can just put more effort in promoting this place, people would go to Langkawi instead of Phuket. here are some of the photo.

I was staying at my sis place which is 5min from the Chenang beach. The beach lifestyle is not really me, I cant stand the sun. It just seem so hot to go anywhere. It was nice just to look for a cafe and have a beer to relax the whole day. This place is call Yellow cafe located at Chenang beach.

Just imagine that was me there......

My sis said that everyone who goes to Langkawi have to go on the cable car. I agree, first the view is beautiful (like heaven) and it is so cooling up there, great to be aways from the hot sun of the beach. This is the mid point of the cable car ride.

This is the observation deck where the cable car stop at it peek.

This is the enchanting view from the observation deck.

Mom, Me and my youngest sis

This is the only makan place I will introduce. the place is located by the side of the road on the way to the airport. It is just a van operated store with a few table. The name of the store is "Laksa Best". The view is not bad to because it is next to the sea. We had laksa, rojak, cendol and the most refreshing coconut.

At night we like to go aways from the beach because I really don't like the pub at Chenang beach. It feel sticky and sandy drinking there. I found a nice place call Sun Cafe just a drive further up from the beach (way pass the beach area). They have a great live band there.

Another place I stop by is Bon Ton. If anyone is interested here is the website The place is beautiful but to me very expensive. You don't have to stay there, you can just go there for a drink at their cafe cum restaurant. The view is worth it.

Imagine this is me again.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


A perfect theme to have a restaurant. There is a new cafe or restaurant (I don't know which is which) call Garden in One Utama. I m not a food critic like Jason. The only reason I blog about it is because it look beautiful through my lens. The beauty of this place is that it truly kept to it theme of English garden.

The grand piano make the whole ambience's so elegant, like some fairytale setting.

If this was outdoor setting it would make the whole environment more beautiful. it had an open concept but because it is inside one Utama there is nothing to look out too.

lots of the display item are for sale but they cost a lot in my dictionary.

This order look beautiful and taste good. This is a Rose tea, I love the tea pot. Yoke Teng look like tai tai ordering this drink.

A beautiful touch to simple ice lemon tea.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


9th Jan 2009 was a day I would remember for the rest of my life. On this day a little dream of mine come true (Until now it still seem unreal). As a photographer, I have my first solo exhibition. I am still questioning my ability to hold the exhibition. One would said that I am questioning my ability because I don't have confident (lack of confident is something I tried not to show any one). In someway it is true because I know some great photographers, whose work are beauty beyond word can described. Yet some of them never have a solo exhibition or might never have one. So this is what I am questioning. I am asking how I am able to hold a solo exhibition. Pls don't get me wrong I am just blur at how all this happened, I am not questioning my ability as a photographer. I took all those pictures with all the passion I have for photography. Each and everyone of the pictures had it life and meaning which I want to show as a photographer.

I found the answer to the question I ask above. That is knowing the right people at the right place and right time. All these luck started with one very good friend of mine, a friend who is the closes in understanding me as a photographer. When Yoke Teng said she wanted to used some of my photo in the book she had written, I didnt think much of it. In the end she become my guarding angel and help me achieved what some photographer can only dream of. Thing slowly come into the picture with help from sponsor like Wendy and Philip of ArtSeni Gallery. In the end Sam dream come true.

For those who didn't see the exhibition, here are my work. Hope to get more comment here when people see my work.

This was taken in Singapore, the theme was the old vs the modern. Like how Singapore is like when preserving the old architecture and creating the new modern structure.

This was a stand alone sculpture until I went close up with my lens and found the structure and curve more beautiful like a wave movement.

This was taken when I took my first holiday alone in Thailand. When I saw the rose it seem so lonely yet beautiful. it was exactly how I felt with my holiday.

Art like photography is how people interpret when they look at it. I like the arts but I love what is created out from the art. I like photography but love the after image it create while looking at it 1 day after, 1 month after, 10yrs after.................................

This was taken in Pulua Ketam, everyone know the place just looking at the picture. I took picture of this as a beautiful memory if this is ever destroy.

This was a place Yoke Teng found to take picture for her book covered, as old as rundown it is, to us it was beautiful.

Everyone wear a mask, we either have to or make to wear one in our everyday life. In Yoke Teng book the most I can relate to is how hard it is to face the world in your true self

People define a place but things create memory.

In real life what we see is what is real, but a photo can changes something which is clear to something blur. It give us the imagination to create.

The image of Melaka is photograph million of time. I choose to see it in another form. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

A good photography friend of mine taught me that photo can have it movement. Most of the time I am always trying to capture the moment, a picture which stop time.

When reading Yoke Teng book one thing that keep coming to my mind is that we are so normal and insignificant most of the time. However if we look closely at our self we are all individual that have stand alone beauty.

Some of the people at the exhibition keep saying how I like to take picture of reflection. I realised only when I started looking back at all my work, somehow if the image create a shadow or reflection, the image seem more lively and beautiful in my eye.

This is one of my favourite picture because of the 1929. This is like a time traveling image to me. As if I have gone back in time when taking picture.

This is another one of my favourite picture because this is also the first time I watch an Indian dance performance.

I love this picture not so much the photo itself but when I was taking the photo. I have sense of peace looking up and saw this statute.

I took this picture because of the whole color combination. when I started looking at pictures for Yoke Teng book, one part of the novel where there is a sense of time traveling in the storyline immediately this picture come to mind. It like there is a unforeseen reason at that time when I took the picture.

I don't remember why or even when I have taken certain pictures, this is one of them. Usually this is happen when I see the beauty of it at that time. I know this is one of them.

This was taken at a market place in Singapore. I took this picture because of with all the noise in the market, There are some people who can find their peace of mind and enjoy the moment.

All This picture are used in Yoke Teng novel. Each picture are inserted into different chapter which Yoke Teng feel speak of that chapter. I wish I can tell you what chapter the picture each goes with but because her novel is in Chinese, I have difficulty in translating it to English. I hope those who read the book can find the meaning of my picture.

The Untold Stories Of Bread.

"Fall In First Love Again" is what this author hope her reader would feel.................
Having known her for almost 5 years. To be able to hold her book at hand, truly felt her little pride, achievement and fear. No matter how she is feeling right now, hope she will be able to continual writing her next book while remembering why she love to write in the first place.

The Untold Stories of Bread - Yoke Teng