Thursday, July 30, 2009


My first choice for favorite food is definitely Japanese second would be Korean food. It didn't start of that way. How could anyone fall for kimchi. If you don't like it there is no word to describe the bad taste but if you like it you don't know why either. I know I start to like drinking soju, with soju it seem to bring out the great taste in Korean food. Most Korean restaurant I had being to had all being satisfying but there is one I always go back to. Restaurant Korean House located in SS2, near the police station facing the main road. The price is reasonable, most of the main dish as well as the side dish taste really good (non stop refill) and the best is the service, they are top notch.

A few day ago me and few girlfriend had a great night with dinner and bottle of soju.

We didn't order the usual BBQ dish this time instead we had steamboat. For those who always have BBQ you should tried the steamboat. The taste is really good and it feel less oily. Do you see the amount of seafood this is not for photo purpose, this is the actual serving of the dish. Only order this when are with a group of friend. This is a small portion order and the four of us cant finish it at all. The dish might seem pricey to some but with the amount of ingredients it is actually worth it. The dish is known as seafood steamboat.

Side dish are really important in Korean cuisine, here they may not have the most dish served compared to other Korean restaurant. If I am not mistaken some restaurants can served up to 13 dish here they served about 9 dish. Most of the time I only take the dish I like. The important thing here is most of the side dish they prepared taste really good at least for my taste bug.

Another dish I always order is Korean mix rice in stone hot plate, I think it is call Bibimbop. This also took me a few more time before I slowly started liking the taste.

This is one dish I highly recommend, the steam egg. It come free when you order the BBQ dish or you can paid for it. There is a trick to getting it for free, that is to act desperately in love with it. Now most of the time I get it for free.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

FIRE ART........

Once in awhile an assignment will come along that will excite my shutter bug, where at that very moment I can keep clicking the shutter button non stop. The assignment need not be very exciting but the image through the lens is beautiful...

This is a jewelry known as lampworking for more info can check out this Derek Tan is the designer of these form of art in Malaysia. He have a studio in Plaza Damas. Not going to write too much, just show you the photo of the process in making this kind of jewelry.

Derek Tan is the artistic director of Creative Studio & Gallery.

This is the work station and all the equipments needed.

This is the burner which used to heat up coloured glass rods.

This is the coloured glass rods which will be melted and shape into the jewelry pieces.

This is the process of creating the art of lampworking.

This is the final step. Once the sharp is set the final stage is putting it together to creative the jewelry's

Friday, July 24, 2009

When I first started working for Star, I wanted to be a fashion photographer at one time because of the power it had. You are in command of the model. In a weird way that does feel great. However as time went on I realised that I would never be a good fashion photographer. The most important thing about being a fashion photographer is communication, this is something I am never good at. I am not bad at taking fashion shoot just not good enough. If one want to be a photographer good is not enough you have to be great. Here are some of my recent fashion shoot I did. Just want to show what my level is.....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sedili a place so not heard of in my dictionary if not for a Star assignment given to me to covered the Eco tourism there. I was not filled with excitement for this assignment. One thing first I thought I would need to jungle track, something that I hate. Writing about it now my opinion on the place had chance. If Malaysia government promote the place well enough. I sure environment lover will tried the place out.

The beach there is nothing to go crazy about. The view is a beauty thank to my photography skill ha ha ha. In reality there is no image of walking bare foot on the beach. Still there is a peaceful serene feel.

My beautiful image of a not so beautiful beach.

This was what I was looking forward to for this whole trip. Part of the Eco tourism promo is the river safari. With a good (English) speaking guide, the journey can be really good. The problem here is that they need to train more English speaking guide.

This is what life is in the Kampung and what the river safari journey will let u see.

I found that having fun is easier to find in small town. Everything can be a discovery and fascinating. we came to this beach area that we were able to see lots of cute little creature.

The beach is linked to a beautiful resort where lots of Singapore car can be seen. Sorry don't have any info, after the walk from the beach I was dead tired to look around.

If fun come easy food taste even better. I am not a fan of roti chanai. but they serve the best roti chanai by the road side store.

This was our last night dinner in Sedili. It was delicious with so much fresh seafood. The best was the Malay kampung style lamb soup and the peanut paste which you eat with satay. I swear I put on at least a kg of weight after this meal. All in all this was the best part of the whole trip.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mei Yee Wedding......

Just wanted to share few pictures of my good friend Mei Yee wedding picture. I was not the photographer but I still manage to take a few shot only few shot.....but I really like the picture....